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        Huzhou Longhao Auto Parts Co., Ltd, established by Huzhou Dehong Auto Electrical System Co., Ltd and Long wei Investment Co., Ltd in Oct. 2007, is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in designing, developing, and manu facturing auto reduction starters and driving device for new energy vehicles (electric autos and hybrid power autos).
        We suppy most of products to OEMs in China. They are JMC, DEUTZ(FAW Dalian), Yuchai Group, Sinotruk, Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, GreatWall Baoding Intemal Combustion Engine Manufactuning Company Limited, Foton, Zhengzhou Nissan, Mianyang Xinchen Engine Co.,Ltd, Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Xinchai Co., Ltd, Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, etc. Some products are exported to America, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Southeast Asia.
        We are dedicated to making ourselves to be a first-class, international enterprise for producing auto starters and driving device for new energy autos. We build numbers of modern production line, semi-auto assembly line and semi-auto rotor line, etc. Some advanced facilities, fully-auto coil shaping machine, fully-auto integrated performance tester, DC lathe, machining…

        Copyright © 2009-2012 Huzhou Longhao Auto Parts Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 

         Tel:0572-2756103  Fax:0572-2756015  E-mail:sgf5024@163.com

         Add:West Road No. 618,Economic Development Zone,Huzhou,Zhengjiang  Support:057123.com 

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